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Salman Khan Tubelight Movie Official Trailer Overview:

This one is another upcoming movie by one of the best heart throb bachelor of Bollywood, young in the age of 50 “Salaman Khan” so far you can see through the “Youtube” some of the short trailer already been updated for the fans and same time fans are also very much excited about the adventure of this movie.

Well, this is better to say at the first of this article that, this is not possible for you or us to have a trailer right here but you can have the story in brief which we got by the short research we made on the matter of the story of this movie:

The key motive of this movie is takes from the incident of “Sino-Indian war” which was held in the time of 1962. There were so many reason behind this and the major point on this fact is “Ladhak” which is often mention as the key part of the “Kashmir” captured by the “Chine” and many of the young soldier captivated from the border in which the brother of the hero also include and this was the main scenario of this movie.

The most amazing matter for the viewers, specially for the Indian viewers that they are at least going to feel some thrill by knowing the brave and fight of their soldier. Specially, the new generation of Indian are going to be fascinate most by this movie.

One of the major interesting part of this movie is, the “Chinese heroine” who known heavily already in the Bollywood and whole the movie fans “Zhu Zhu”
this is the first time a chines lady acting in the key role of an Indian movie. You can already guess the fact that this one is another highlightable reason for the excitement of the fans of this movie.
When you are come to this point of this article then you can easily understand that, there are always some commercial reason in the back of every movie and thats why no one is going to take any risk on the matter of actual story of the movie by which the fans may get the real taste of it before it come to the box office.
Somehow, the fans are very much excited on this when, the Hero is very well known to the whole world and there are uncounted die hard fan of this man same time, whatever the news he publish for the fans via social virtual media, that news become one of the best topic on the matter of Bollywood. This is something like another trailer of the movie by the hand of “Salman Khan” which is never less then the real trailer.
On the other hand, when the hero is famous almost to all the viewers apecially to the root level viewers then, it is going to so easy to take the movie in the top level of the success in the both category of popularity and commercially.

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Updated: March 23, 2017 — 6:32 am

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