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As the discuss getting hot with the flow of time on the matter of this upcoming movie which is backing up by “Salman Khan” his family and production house gained by them. Although this movie is coming in this Eid but the fans cannot help them but relief them by expressing the eagerness of this movie. The main sponsor we can say the hero “Salman Khan” himself sometime or somehow teasing the fans by posting some exciting information about this movie “Tubelight”

on the other handd, the key feature or point of view of this movie is the “Sino-Indian war of 1962” this thing make the fans to get the most excitement of it whereas there are hardly any movie in the history of the Indian movie industry. Meanwhile, this one is going to uphold the history of the heritage of the Joint force of India during the “Sino-Indian war 1962”. when the question is coming about “Salman Khan” and the matter is known very well to all that, he is the key sponsor and parting in the lead role of this movie, then what can be more exciting for the fans more then to watch the film just after the release.

This movie will show you mainly the brevity of Indian people when Chinese army enter and capture “Ladakh” along with some of the soldier. The main motion of this movie is to rescue those soldiers from the Chinese captivation and make the Ladakh free from them. The whole thing created so dramatically that everyone is going to love to see this from a part of the modern generation.
This is better to say on this point that the new generation is not so interested to see or read the history or know the heritage of his country. But this movie is going to let you to know the fact of the past and this story you must have to know.
On the other hand, the whole Indian sub continent is a great fan of this movie and the reign are already with the topic of this movie. Meanwhile, the characters of this movie is very much well known to the fans as the heritage of the Indian movie industry. The entry of “Shah Rukh Khan” make this one more interesting then ever it was. Same time, the heroine of this movie “Zhu Zhu” also attract the movie lovers in a large number. This is the first time a Chinese actress acting in the Indian movie.
By whole these matter this movie become one of the point of eagerness of the fans. There is no such point you uphold on the matter of this movie by which you can say that you are not interested about this movie. Just believe me, you are going to have a lot from this one and you never should judge a movie from the commercial angle or by the value of money. Rather each of the movie reflect the real scene of our community and from the above description you can easily depict that this one is upholding history proud heritage of the Indian army.
As we were talking about the value of a film that, it takes a long time to depict all the thing to make the right decision including all the matter of commercial, entertainment of the fans, uphold something new and many more. We can assure you about the quality of this movie that, this film is not going to make you hopeless although, you are going to have this few months later but one thing always keep in your head that “Salman Khan” and his production house is behind the scene of this one and thats why you can expect something new from this one.
You don’t even think about the matter of business of the production house because you can’t even measure the difficulty or working of them they always face during the shutting with a view to make you entertain by giving you the ultimate message of your community you are living in.
by this movie you are going to have the news or at least you will have the hint of your recent country that how they sacrifice their lives and to make you secure inside your country. You can measure the matter that how much this matter could be dreadful to making a war with someone like the Chinese army. You cannot but to give a bow to those soldiers who sacrifice their ultimate thing to put the Chinese army in fear that they put their steps in the wrong.
The whole matter is going to really adventures for you when you going to see this movie.
Yes, it is true that some people is not going to like these movie because they don’t like wars. But this is better to say that this one is essential for the new generation that theyu may face the challenge something like this in the whole new level.
So we think, if you are living in the modern world and your home in Indian then you must see this and suggest all to see this film at least for once. This is very normal to be fan of this movie when Salman Khan is in. if you are looking for the latest data of this movie then you better always keep your eyes open and keep checking the virtual social medias where the tam of this movie is very much active to make known to all. At the same time, they are always look forward to make it commercially successful in India and the over seas. You don’t have keep your eyes even you are living in the Indian sub continent when the fans see it, you are automatically going to notify about this one. To get this available, you just have to wait till the Eid of this year and this one is going to be a Eid gift for the fans from Salman Khan.

Updated: March 29, 2017 — 5:01 am

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