Shah Rukh Khan Will Play A Cameo Role In Salman’s Tubelight

Shah Rukh And Salman In Tubelight Film

As to say about these two person of Bollywood, they are one of the best well known Heroes of the Indian movie industry since they have started their career. The most important matter about them, whenever they made any movie by parting in the main role jointly that movie become something like a ever green history even better then those movies which they parted individually.

When a movie is coming in this Eid and maximum of us already known about this that “Tubelight” is backed up by “Salman Khan” and you are going to see in “Shah Rukh Khan” in this movie as a special appearance, at the same time, fans are feeling themselves something like crazy about this movie only because they are going to see many different things in here at a time.

At the first, this movie is going to introduce the history of “Chin-India war of 1962” as this one is one of the mentionable war movie in the history of Indian movie industry. Before this one, there are merely any movie had been made by this film industry except some fictional Pakistan-India war.

The second amazing matter is the “Chinese heroin Zhu Zhu” and this thing make this movie more amazing then ever it is.

When you are already known with the matter of “Shah Rukh Khan” then you can easily imagine that this Eid is going to be one of the best for this excellent gift from “Salman Khan”
Most of the question is coming about what the role is going to play by “Shah Rukh Khan” meanwhile when we already have the news of Salman Khan that he is going to play the lead role. Well, as to say on the matter of this point then we can say by the news so far we know that, these two great heroes are going to play the role something like they played in the movie “Karan-Arjun”
From this point of view, some people may think that this movie may the repeat of the “Karan-Arjun” on the matter of entertain and going to uphold the reality of our society.
Thi is better to say on this point that, you are not living in the 80’s decade rather you are a part of the modern world where everything is possible through virtually. In this time you never should think like the old period of time rather everything have changed with the flow of time. “Tubelight” is going to entertain you in the way that you are going to remember this for a long time. This one will show you the gap between a generation that how they acted in the “Karan-Arjun” and how they parting in the “Tubelight”
you never should judge this movie by the name of this movie why because name of a movie often bear the moral values of the details of the movie and you only can understand this when you come to see the movie in details.

Updated: April 4, 2017 — 11:53 am

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